Why Choose Us For The Safe Removal Of Your
Silver Mercury Fillings?

Dr. Fox and the team are committed to continued learning through only the finest, leading-edge dental education organizations in the world.

These organizations include The Pankey Institute, Aligntech, LVI and The International Academy of Oral Medicine to name a few.

As a result, you should feel confident that you are receiving the safest, most comprehensive and highest quality dental care anywhere.

For our patients with mercury toxicity concerns from their silver mercury fillings, their care at our office is carried out under the strictest guidelines as put forth by the I.A.O.M.T.

S.M.A.R.T., the method that we use to remove our patients’ silver mercury fillings, is a prime example of that!

Specifically, with regards to the S.M.A.R.T. method of silver mercury fillings removal, the following safety and protective measures are used at our office:

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Mercury Filling Removal In Guelph

Safety And Protective Measures We Use:

  • A non-latex dental dam which is placed intraorally and forms a water-tight seal around the teeth being treated and prevents the patient from swallowing larger sized mercury filling particles. This is our so-called “First Level of Protection” (our 1st LOP).

  • A stainless steel U-shaped frame which holds the dental dam flat and taught thereby preventing smaller sized mercury filling particles, which come away from the tooth at extremely high velocity, from being embedded in the surrounding oral soft tissue – the tongue, cheeks, lips or gums (our 2nd LOP).

  • A dental dam barrier cream which prevents the mercury vapour, given off when silver mercury fillings are being removed, from penetrating or absorbing through the dental dam (our 3rd LOP).

  • A high volume suction line or high velocity oral evacuation hose which is placed close to the tooth being treated and prevents larger sized particles of silver mercury filling from gathering on the dental dam and/or smaller particles of silver mercury filling from exiting the mouth (our 4th LOP).

  • A low volume suction line or low velocity oral evacuation hose which is placed intraorally under the dental dam and serves to remove saliva which has pooled and, most importantly, whisks away any mercury vapour that has penetrated through the dental dam (our 5th LOP).

  • A larger, separate and portable air filter vacuum hose which is positioned close to the mouth and gathers up any escaping mercury vapours and prevents them from contaminating the dental office air (our 6th LOP).

  • A positive pressure medical grade oxygen nose mask which allows the patient to breathe non-contaminated air while forcing out / away any mercury vapour contaminated air (our 7th LOP).

  • A mercury vapour ionizer which releases into the room 2 billion negative ions per second. These ions bind to any errant mercury vapour in the air enabling its safe capture and removal (our 8th LOP).

  • Magnification of the operating field which ensures that all tiny scraps of silver mercury filling, as well as all mercury-stained or mercury-contaminated tooth structure, are removed from the teeth being treated (our 9th LOP).

  • A high volume room air filtration unit which reduces the mercury vapour concentrations in the operatory air (our 10th LOP).

  • An adsorbent, like activated charcoal or Chlorella, which is  given to the patient in capsule form and/or mouth rinse to mop up any trace amounts of particulate mercury not removed by the previous 10 Levels of Protection. You can well imagine that this left over amount of mercury particles would be almost non-existent!

  • A protective gown, drape and face cover for the patient, which prevents particles of silver mercury filling from contaminating their clothing and leaving the operatory/ office. (our 12th LOP).

  • An appropriate tungsten carbide bur under high speed and torque to section the silver mercury fillings into large pieces rather than the silver mercury fillings being pulverized into a fine powder with slower moving stainless steel burs (our 13th LOP).

  • Copious amounts of water are sprayed onto the teeth when sectioning the silver mercury fillings which creates less heat AND resultant mercury vapour which can both be harmful to the patient (our 14th LOP).

  • A high tech, state-of-the-art mercury separating system or amalgam separator which prevents small and large particles of silver mercury filling (removed by 4) above) from exiting the building and the mercury content within from ending up in the community waste water. Enviro-friendly!  This represents our 15th Level of Protection for our patients choosing the S.M.A.R.T. method of silver mercury fillings removal.

Most of our existing patients have been referred in by other patients.

While many of our patients travel from all over southern Ontario for our expert care, still other patients are referred in by their local family doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths and other health care providers.

It is recommended that, if at all possible, these practitioners determine the level of your mercury toxicity through proper testing AND institute a detoxification program before you begin S.M.A.R.T.

If you have any questions about this please direct them to any one of our biological dental care team members.

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