Invisalign Treatments In Guelph

The #1 Alternative To Metal Braces

If you’re looking for a dentist who offers clear braces, then you’ve come to the right place.

Invisalign treatments offer many advantages to traditional braces, along with the health benefits of straighter teeth.

For patients in Guelph Ontario, and the surrounding areas, you’re fortunate to have Dr. Fox and Dr. Cool from Speedvale Dental Centre who are Invisalign Preferred Providers.

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Invisalign Preferred Providers
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What Our Patients Say

The best dental experience ever!!!

About three years ago, I found a dentist in town that provided Invisalign services. Well, after two years and a bit of wearing the trays, my teeth were still not as straight as they could be but the dentist insisted I was done. I was not happy to say the least.

Here’s where the best dental experience comes in…..

A family member referred me to Dr. Fox at Speedvale Dental – ‘just go and see what he can do for you’ So I did! And it was the best thing I ever did for myself! Dr. Fox and one of his many wonderful hygienists, Victoria, did what they do best and gave me the perfect smile I’ve always wanted in less than 6 months! I wish I started my Invisalign there from the beginning.

I also want to mention my daughter’s experience at Speedvale Dental with Dr. Cool. My 7 year old had a few fillings that needed to be done, most recently just yesterday at the same time I was in for my final Invisalign appointment. Dr. Cool and her assistant were so caring and gentle to make my daughter’s experience with having to have a needle for freezing and the dental work itself a very pleasant one. They made her feel so comfortable and were able to finish the procedure in no time.

Thank you Dr. Fox and Dr. Cool and all the amazing staff at Speedvale Dental! You’re the BEST!!!


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Invisalign® Provider”

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Invisalign celebrates 4 millionth patient

How Does It Work?

Technology improvements have allowed us to straighten your teeth in a much more convenient way.

There are a series of clear aligners that gradually move and straighten your teeth over time.

It starts with a visit to our dental office here in Guelph where we scan or create an impression of your teeth which is used to build a 3D model.

After everything concerning your specifications are analyzed, a treatment plan is developed.

Once approved, you will receive a series of aligners that you change every couple of weeks, and come back and see Dr. Fox and Dr. Cool every few months for a check up.

It’s really that easy.

To get started today, set up a free consultation with our friendly team.

Watch the short video:

Invisalign Logo with Click Here to Watch button which opens a how it works video

What Are The Benefits Compared To Traditional Braces?


Clear Aligners


Metal Braces

Not only does this improve the look of  your teeth, but it also improves the functionality of your teeth.

Treats Crowding, Spacing, Crossbite, Overbite and Underbite

Invisalign 100%
Braces 100%

Straightens Your Teeth

Invisalign 100%
Braces 100%

Eat Any Foods You Want

Invisalign 100%

Invisible and Removable

Invisalign 100%

Brush and Floss Normally

Invisalign 100%
Image of woman with clear aligners
Over 4 Million Patients And Counting

Before And After Pictures

There Are Thousands Of Positive Case Studies

Below are some before and after pictures of patients who have benefited from this treatment:

A before and after Invisalign treatment picture of a woman
Invisalign teen boy before and after pictures
Before and after pictures of Invisalign Teen
Adult male before and after Invisalign

Pictures and case studies are courtesy of

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Invisalign Teen

Here at Speedvale Dental Centre, we have earned our Teen status, allowing your children to get treatments right here in Guelph.

Invisalign Teen in Guelph
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A Quick Checklist For Parents:

This is an alternative to traditional metal braces.

It offers the same results as braces, in a much more convenient way.

Results from this treatment can be just as effective as other teeth straightening treatments.

Make sure your dentist is experienced in providing Invisalign treatments, just like Dr. Fox and Dr. Cool here at Speedvale Dental Centre.

Most teenagers are eligible for this treatment.

Set up a consultation today with Dr. Fox and Dr. Cool. They will evaluate your child’s dental issues and determine the right fit for them.

No metal wires or brackets are used.

The aligners are plastic and can easily be removed, therefore there are no restrictions to the food your child can eat.

These aligners are practically invisible.

No one needs to know your child is wearing them, and they don’t need to feel self-conscious about how they would look with metal braces.

The timeline is based on the individual’s current dental condition.

The aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day. Teenagers receive 6 replacement aligners if they get lost.

AcceleDent Aura

Speed Your Orthodontic Treatment With AcceleDent Aura

AcceleDent Aura
  • AcceleDent Aura helps speed up the rate of tooth movement with its SoftPulse Technology.
  • It has been clinically proven that teeth can move up to 50% faster when used together with orthodontics.
  • The FDA has cleared this to be safe and reliable based on clinic trials in the U.S.
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