Why Choose Us For Your Holistic Dental Care?

Our practice philosophy is to restore our patients’ health and wellness while improving and maintaining their smile.

That is, by helping our patients improve their oral health, we will significantly improve their whole-body health too. Our motto “Love Your Smile… Love Your Life ” says just that!

We believe that only the very best and most biocompatible materials and technology should be used to restore dental and overall health.

Dr. Fox and the team are committed to only the finest, leading-edge dental education needed to provide safe, comprehensive, and quality dentistry to their patients.

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Holistic Dentistry In Guelph

Some Of Our Most Popular Services Include:

  • The use of only non-mercury / non-fluoride containing fillings in accordance with Health Canada recommendations and those of the I.A.O.M.T.

  • All-ceramic (non-metal containing) crowns, bridges, veneers and implants for our patients with metal sensitivity concerns.

  • Biocompatibility testing for our patients with dental material sensitivity concerns.

  • Safe removal of silver mercury / amalgam fillings for our patients with mercury toxicity concerns. We abide by the strictest silver mercury / amalgam filling removal guidelines put forth by the I.A.O.M.T.

  • BiofilmDNA* Analysis to assess the balance between the different types of healthy and unhealthy bacteria in our patients’ mouths.
  • Non-fluoride containing materials such as tooth polishing pastes and mouth rinses for our patients with fluoride sensitivity concerns.

  • Invisalign clear aligner orthodontics for our patients with metal braces sensitivity concerns.

  • Balanced Bite appliance therapy to relieve jaw pain, nighttime grinding and other jaw related or bite issues without surgery.

  • The use of low-level focused light energy lasers and herbal oral rinses to improve the health of our patients’ gums without the need for surgery and /or antibiotics.

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