If you are concerned about your overall health and that of your family, and you believe that natural products and services are vital to one’s health, then holistic dentistry just may be the right option for you.

Holistic dentistry, sometimes called biological, biocompatible, natural or integrative dentistry is certainly not a new approach to dental care. Nearly forty years ago (in 1978), the Holistic Dental Association was formed by a group of concerned, dedicated dentists interested in the development and sharing of long established and health-promoting treatment options.

These were modes of dental treatment not included in western dental schools’ curriculums. These founding member dentists believed that most dental problems could be corrected and improved all while working in harmony with the body as a whole.

The Holistic Dental Network defines holistic dentistry as: an approach to dentistry that promotes health and wellness instead of just the treatment of disease.

Holistic dentistry recognizes the important connection between the health of the mouth and that of the entire body (as established by traditional medical research studies). This natural, comprehensive approach concentrates on the whole body health of the patient and not just the condition of the teeth and gums.

The holistic dentist, when caring for a diabetic patient for example, will help that patient understand the best practices for home and dental office oral hygiene care and how, by following a healthy diet and exercise program, he or she can manage blood sugar levels best.

The holistic dentist may work in tandem with other like-minded health professionals such as Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Osteopaths in an integrative approach to ensure the highest level and most sustainable results.

While dentists everywhere focus on dental health and the treatment of oral disease, not all dentists also focus on their patients’ whole body or general health.  And, as more and more people seek out more natural health care options, holistic dentistry presents itself as a healthy comprehensive health care alternative with the perfect blend of modern dentistry and natural healing methods.