1. Plan ahead and sleep well the night before your dental office visit
  2. Practice slow or ayurvedic breathing
  3. Get a massage before your dental office visit
  4. Watch what you eat beforehand – high protein foods like salmon, avocados, and yogurt have a calming effect
  5. Watch what you drink beforehand – avoid caffeine which can make you ‘jittery’
  6. Do aromatherapy beforehand
  7. Meditate / practice mindfulness – relaxation starts in the mind
  8. Do progressive muscle relaxation training – forehead, cheeks, jaw, neck, shoulders…
  9. Massage your jaw muscles when there is even a brief pause in your dental treatment
  10. Rub mint oil on the back of your neck – it’s relaxing and neutralizes that sterile “dental office smell”
  11. Bring along a friend or family member for moral support
  12. Enjoy a cup of an herbal tea blend beforehand to calm your nerves and relax your jaw and neck muscles